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And Blue Ridge Blvd. (Grady Reid/KCTV)One person is dead and another is in stable condition after a shooting.One person is dead and another is in stable condition after a shooting.Belton teenager wins appeal to legally change nameBelton teenager wins appeal to legally change nameUpdated: Saturday, December 3 2016 12:26 PM EST2016 12 03 17:26:04 GMTNathan Hudson wanted to legally change his name, but a Cass County judge would not let him. So he filed an appeal with the district court.

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cheap snapbacks The amoeba can then travel to the brain, causing encephalitis, which eat away at the brain tissue.”We are very saddened to learn of this unfortunate circumstance, and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends during this difficult time,” said Robert Moser, MD, KDHE secretary and state health officer, in a news release. “It is important for the public to know that infections like these are extremely rare and there are precautions one can take to lower their risk such as nose plugs.”Symptoms usually appear about five days after infection, but can range between one and seven days, and include headache, fever, nausea and vomiting, stiff neck, confusion, lack of attention to people and surroundings, loss of balance and bodily control, seizures and hallucinations. This infection cannot be spread from person to person or contracted from a properly maintained swimming pool.Though the risk of infection is extremely low, the following precautions might decrease the possibility of infection:Hold your nose shut, use nose clips, or keep your head above water when taking part in water related activities in bodies of warm freshwater.Avoid putting your head under the water in hot springs and other untreated thermal waters.Avoid water related activities in warm freshwater during periods of high water temperature.Avoid digging in, or stirring up, the sediment while taking part in water related activities in shallow, warm freshwater areas.. cheap snapbacks

cheap snapbacks Tourists shoot compressed air rifles next to posters of Cuba’a late leader Fidel Castro at a recreational center in Havana, Cuba, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016. Cuba’s government declared nine days of national mourning after Castro d.(The Rumaf via AP). They do this through a comprehensive offensive approach by reducing awards for claims, forcing workers to return to work before they are medically capable, ignoring professional medical advice and an uncaring attitude to resolving incredible backlogs of cases and appeals. Thousands of families have experienced financial ruin which in turn adds even more emotional and societal cheap hats strain. The government is willfully turning their backs on injured workers and their families cheap snapbacks.